HP 70 ÷ 200

120 ÷ 225 cm / 47" ÷ 88"

25 ÷ 60 cm / 9,8" ÷ 23,6"

F Transplanter

The F - Ferrari precision transplanter - was designed to transplant lettuce and other vegetables in square blocks (from 2.5 to 5 cm wide). This completely mechanical transplanter is extremely simple and easy to use.  FERRARI F is very precise, every single unit is independent from the others and all the plant are left in the ground on a diamond pattern to guarantee a proper growing area to every single plant. The F transplanter is equipped with a very narrow ploughshare and can work properly even on very difficult ground conditions. The transplanting machine output is up to 2,500 plants per hour per row. The machine can work either on flat ground or raised beds.

  • Hydraulic piston (to change pressure on pack wheels)
  • Memoplant (data memory on SD card)
  • PSC (Plant Spacing Control)
  • Planting depth: electric adjustment
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