Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Policy for personal data processing – Privacy Policy

According to the sense of the art.13 of (EU) Regulation 2016/679 27/07/2018 version.

This policy has the aim to inform on managing modality of this web site, referring to the processing of personal data protection (following, “Regulation” or “GDPR”)

More detailed info on personal data processing, where it is necessary, in the relative section of the different services offered. These policies are directed to define limits and modalities of data processing are reported, where necessary, in the relative section of the different services offered.

Please note that this privacy policy regards the current web site eventually available the user through the links present on the web site, through which please refer to the information given by the other web sites relating their privacy managing.

Processing holder

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl is the holder for the effected processing on personal data collected and obtained by this web site and it defined how the data will be conserved and who can have access to the information collected on the web site.

Processing modality and the authorized subjects

Personal data will be processed with informatic tools of which the art.6, 32 of the Regulation and thought the adoption of the adequate safety measures planned. Data will be processed only by staff expressly authorized by the Holder, or also by third party expressly elected Responsible for processing of competence according to RT, 28 of the Regulation. More information on responsible and authorized subject will be given under involved person’s demand in the exercise the right in the art. 15-22 of the Regulation.

Personal data and processing purposes

The web site offers informative content. During site navigation, we can acquire information about the guest, in the following ways:

Navigation data

Informatic systems and software procedures proposals to the functioning of this web site acquires, during their normal exercise, some personal data of which transmission is implicit of the internet communication protocols. In this category data are included: IP addresses , the browser type used, the operative system, domain name and web site addressed from which it has been effectuated the access of entering and exit, the information on the pages visited by the users in the website, the access time, the analysis of the inner process and the parameters related to operative system and to the user informatic environment. This data technical/informatic in nature are collected and used only in aggregate way and not identifier and they could be used for the centralisation of responsibility in case of hypothetic informatic crimes in damage to the web site. The data collected will be used for the aims:

  • Technical managing of the of the provided services,
  • Statistic analysis anonymous of the generated traffic and of the pages viewed.

Data will be conserved respecting lawfulness, limitation of the aims and minimizing data, according to art.5 of GDPR. In addition, also for aims for which they are collected, data could be used for verification of responsibility in case of hypothetic offences damaging website. Save this possibility, the conservation period of your personal data is established for the time necessary to the fulfilment of the specified aims.

Data provided in the “CONTACT” form

Personal data are provided willingly by the users that use the functionality of the web site or that send information request, they are used only for provide the service or for requested performance.

After acquiring the free and specific agreement, data collected will be used for the following aims:

  • Answer to the e-mail transmitted and proceed the information written in the message, for example to send to the user the requested information
  • Send updates, promotional communication and offers on our product and services,

Data will be conserved respecting lawfulness principles, aim limitation and minimizing data, according to the art.5 of the GDPR, for the needed time of treatment activity, in case of promotional massages acceptation, data will be conserved until cancellation request by the user, who can effectuate in every moment through the same contact forms.


This web site uses cookies before and in the third part, technicians and analytics, for whom the brief informative and asked the permission to the access.

Link toward Social Media

In the web sites pages we find link to visit the official pages of our profile on different social Media as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn: it’s about connections towards third party, that the uses decided liberally to visit or not.

The use of this buttons and functionality bring the user to interact with web services offered by third party web sites and it implies the shaft of information with these web site, so the information managing and the modalities to delete is regulated by third parties.

For example, when de page of the web site of the user visits the link toward our profile on the third party web site, the browser or the app, following cases, will establish a direct connection to the third party site (Social Plug-in) and it will transmit data directly to the domain of third parties which deposits cookie. We explicitly refer to the fact that we have no influence on the data’s entity that the third-party domain collects.

For information aims, the type and modality of collect, elaboration, use and conservator of personal data by the web site visited, as well as for modalities through which exert right, so please refer to “privacy policy” and to “cookie policy” on the third party which collects this information.

Acquiring of the data subject consent

Consent, free, informed and specific, is requires in the following cases:
For cookies use of third parties is required when you access the web site for the first time, then is memorized in the user’s device for the time planned or until when it is not cancelled.

For data collected in CONTATTI form for specific aims: the consent is required separately for each aim through “relevant box”, it is necessary to send the message request but it is optional for other purposes; this consent is registered and conserved by the data Holder for performance aims under request of the data subject or Authorities.


Personal data that create collecting object are not and will be not diffusion object. Personal data will be transferred, limited to the aims here above reported, in the following states.

  • Processed at Internet Provider within European Union.

Exercise of the rights of the interested party

The interested subject has the right to get from the cancellation Processing holder, the communication, the update, the adjustment, integration of personal data the concerns you, also in general can exert all rights scheduled by the articles 15 to 22 of the Regulation, available to this Link .

To exert right ensured by these articles, referring to the Holder:
Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche
Strada Squadri 6, 46040 Guidizzolo (MN) Italia
The data subject has also the right to purpose claim, in the manners and in the terms planned within Authorities Guarantee of Privacy.

Privacy Policy Modifications

The current policy to adjust the processing modality on personal data provided to the visitators during the navigation on the web site. The possible entering into force of new sector laws, as the periodical exam and update of the user’s services, it could involve the need to change these modalities. It is possible that our policy can be modified, so we invite the user to check periodically this page. According this scope the policy document underlines the updating time.

Version of 27/07/2018