Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy – Version 27/07/2018

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, processing holder, gives the following information relative to the cookie insulated by the web site, to permit to the visitor to manage the acceptation or the refuse, the destabilization or cancellation of cookies.


Cookies are files with brief strings alphanumeric which are memorized, during navigation on the web site, on the navigation device of the user and that permits to our web site to recognize the user and improve his use experience and navigation of the web site.

Our system uses cookies momentary that have a limited to the visit ad they are cancelled at the moment of browser closing: these cookies can remain until their scheduled or until they are not eliminated manually by the user. Cookies cannot have access and read other files on the memory of the device and cannot being used as virus.

There are other technologies as pixel tag, web bug, web storage and other file and technologies similar that can do the same function of cookie. In the current Cookie Policy, we use the term cookie also for all these similar technologies.

Type of cookies used in this web site

Cookies of first part are directly deposited in our domain, used for memorize the user consent or for manage some functions of provision of a service. We can use Google Analytics services with anonymization of the address IP, in this way the third part is not able to acquire the IP address of the user and to cross with the other data at its disposal, so it is not possible to a profiling of the user. It’s not required the consents of the visits to these cookies.

Using also third-party services as HubSpot and Optimizely, for marketing and monitoring and to offer contents in line with visitator’s preferences, with cookies of third party deposited and managed by the providers for the so said aims. For the presence of this cookie’s type, before to access to the site it is necessary to inform the visitator and ask the content, through a brief policy and connecting this Cookie Policy, for these cookies we ask the consent before to access to the web site.

This cookie used in our web site:


“_cfduid” cookie is used to identify the single users behind IP address shared and to applicate to each of them come safety devices. It’s about a Cookie settled by CloudFkare to identify the web traffic trustable. It does not correspond to ID user in the Web application ant it does not memorize no data or personal information which can identify the user.

__hluid, __context, __qca, cookieverified, fs_uid, hs_ard

Hubspot cookie for the anonymous monitoring of statistic and anonymous commercial which permits to understand and improve the user experience on the web site

csrf.api ,

this cookie is used by HubSpot for an anonymous monitoring of the statistics, guarantying data safety.


Is another Cookie generated by HubSpot and it permits to keep truck of sessions effectuated by the users. This cookie is used to fix if it necessary to augment the session number and the timestamp in the cookie “__hstc”. Contains the domain, viewCount (increase new pageView in a session) and the date/ time the beginning of the session.


Is the main cookie used to keep truck of the users visits. It contains domain, l’utk, timestamp beginner (First sight), last timestamp (last visit), current timestamp (current visit) and session number (number of augmentations for each following session). Temporary deadline: 2 years.


Cookie exploited by Google Analytics to distinguish the users. Temporary deadline: 2 years


Cookie exploited by Google Analytics with deadline of 1 minute and used to limit the speed of the demand. If Google Analytics is realized through Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be nominated _dc_gtm_ .


Cookie of Google Analytics which expire at the end of the session and that Record an ID unique which is used to generate statistic data on how the visitator use this web site.


Memorize the refresh of the user before his authorization. Temporary deadline: 13 months., hubspot.lang.preference, hubspotapi, hubspotapi-csrf, hubspotapi-prefs, hubspotauth, messagesUtk, mp_id_mixpanel, prefs

Hubspot cookie for monitoring anonymously of statistics and commercials anonymous which permits to understand and improve the user experience on the web site


These cookies are used for keep truck of the identity of one visitor. This cookie switch to HubSpot once the user completes and sends the request form information and it is used when contacts are de- duplicated.


Record the variation Optimizely Classic that visitator has saw for each session. This analysis permits us to offer a coherent experience on charging of following page.


Memorize the Optimizely identificatory of a visitator, both for Optimizely Classic both Optimizely X Web. It is a combination of a timestamp and a casual number. This permits to ensure the persistence of the appearance to the segment, improving segmented results.


Optimized segments persist for the browser visitor: browser, countryside, mobile device, origin type and any personalized dimension that could have configurated. This permits to ensure the persistence of the appearance to the segment, improving segmented results.

Prestashop cookies

Cookie which permits the technical function of the Prestashop platform.


It’s about technical cookie, native of PHP, which permits to Web sites to memorize data on session. On the web site it is used to fix a user session and communicate data on the state through a temporary cookie, commonly denominated session cookie. Since cookie PHPSESSID has no temporary, it disappears when the client closes.

Acceptation or refuse of cookies

At the moment of access to the website there is a banner which contain a brief policy and the connection to this extended policy. Closing the banner and/or going on with navigation, the visitor gives the consent to the use of cookies and also to third party, which is record with “technical cookie” saved in the user device.

To manage the cookies use is necessary to modify the setting of the browser through the following possible solutions, they are illustrative and also there are others:

Modify browser settings, which permits or less to memorize cookie and that normal permits also to set cookie’s rules in way to not to accept “third parties”. Some permits also to block cookie of some third parties and not of others, through a function that permits to indicate from which domains permit sending cookie.

With specific components added to the browser (c.c. plug-in), that specialize the function commonly made available by software for navigation and that can be configured by the user to make a selection of the cookie based on the domain of coming.

Through the so called “do not track”, which permits to the user to indicate to each web site visited his will to be or not tracked during navigation. But this technical modality is not standardized and there is no certain that this function is incomplete on all domain that store cookies on web site and for which, being to third part, the holder not control.;

It is possible to disable cookies of Google Analytics visiting the web page of Google (Google GaOptOut) and downloading the additional component for the used browser.

Please, note: if you choose to block cookie, the full functionality of the web site could be compromised.

Processing holder

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl
Strada Squadri 6, 46040 Guidizzolo (MN) Italia

the data subject can contact to the contact indicated in order to get more information on processing collected data through cookies.

Update of cookie Policy

The current policy regulates the modality of managing cookies for the web site. The updating of user services with modification to the site could bring the necessity to change these modalities, or also the possibility of new policies of sector to enter into force, that means changes to cookies managing. It is possible that our policy to be modify in during time and we invite, so, the visitator to consult periodically this page. Following this aim policy underlines the update data.

Version 27/07/2018