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News & Events

Automatic Transplanting Machine Futura

This machine has been developed to have high technology caracteristics. It has been studies for the automatic transplant of vegetables and tobacco in module placed in trays. It needs exclusively one operator who puts the single planting element inside the charging slide of the tray. Thislatter can house up to 2 plant holder panels, according to their dimensions. Each element of the machine if provided with a system which automatically pulls out, from the longer side of the tray, the all plants of the same row, in beatings of 2 and, bu the way, from 7 to 11 plants each stroke. These plants will be received and taken from other movable grippers which will supply the feed unit.

Mulching, when and why it can be used

Mulching is an ancient technique that, yesterday as today, offers significant advantages. In addition to its best-known function, which is to block the development of weeds by preventing solar radiation from reaching them, mulching performs or can also perform other functions that, in certain situations, become principal. In fact, its use interferes with many physical, chemical and biological parameters of the soil, with the development of the crop and of some parasites and pathogens. Modern mulching involves the use of coherent films, of plastic origin or of biological origin and, in this case, they are biodegradable. The film’s degradation time depends on both its material and the fertility/microbial load of the soil. The bio-degradable ones offer the undeniable advantage of avoiding collection at the end of the cycle and improving the sustainability of the production process. The action performed by these films can vary according to the behavior shown in relation to light and gas permeability. On the other hand, quality is also influenced by mechanical characteristics: tensile, tear, impact and elongation resistance.

Verona Agricultural Fair

From 31/01 to 03/02 2018 in Verona, Italy, another important event is scheduled whose main theme will be aimed at all the specializations of the agricultural sector: agricultural mechanics, vineyard, and orchard, animal husbandry, crop protection products and fertilizers. This year, around 1,000 companies and 130,000 professional visitors are expected to participate, making the Agricultural Fair a unique and unmissable event, able to present a vast and impressive variety of machinery, equipment, sensitive themes and technologies. Obviously our team of experts will be present at booth D7, hall 7, ready to welcome all your questions, problems and uncertainties to which we at Ferrari Costruzioni can meet thanks to our many years of experience in the agricultural sector.

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FIMA Fair 2018

This year, in the schedule of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche, among the most important events that can't be absolutely missed, there is again the FIMA Fair 2018 which will take place in Zaragoza, Spain, from the 20th to the 24th February. Our Team of experts awaits you at the Stand B-C/9-14, Pavilion n.1, to put our "know how" and experience at your disposal so that we can solve your doubts and problems, satisfying, this way, even your demands. For those who still aren't informed about the FIMA Fair, which comes to its 40th edition, it represents the major showcase for the agricultural world in Southern Europe. Visitors come from 48 different countries and the expected number of exhibitors is 1.357. 

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Horticulture Technologies 2018

Here we are again with Horticulture Technologies 2018, a Show guided by Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche and Idromeccanica Lucchini. This 16th edition will take place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of January at Guidizzolo (Mantua) and it will be full of exhibitions, demonstrations and seminars regarding the horticultural activity and its constant evolution. Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche awaits you at this great event that boasts this year the participation of more than 5000 people coming from 40 different countries. The exhibition area is wider than 7000 square meters and will host the 50 most important companies of the agricultural sector. This year's aim is to educate the producers through efficient and innovative solutions, spreading "made in Italy" quality, technology and competence all over the world.

For more information and for the online registration, visit the website You just need to fill out the form with your data and send the registration request. The badge will be sent to you via e-mail!