HP 40 ÷ 150

120 ÷ 225 cm / 47" ÷ 88"

30 ÷ 200 cm / 12" ÷ 80"

FPA EVOLUTION Transplanter

The FERRARI FPA EVOLUTION is suitable for planting seedlings both in plugs and square blocks (max diameter 7 cm). The main advantage of this transplanter is that it can transplant on plastic, paper film and bare ground. The row width is adjustable starting from cm 30. The distance in the row is adjustable form cm 19 to cm 186 (according to the quantity of cups that varies from 1 to 6). FPA EVO can be combined with the film layer machine Ferrari FP. FPA is also available in the MULTIPLA version so that one operator can feed two rows of plants (min row distance 23 cm). 

  • Carousel (it raises the performance by 50%)
  • Double-carousel (1 person : 2 lines)
  • Watering device
  • Granular applicator
  • Fertilizer applicator
  • Markers
  • Roller
  • Request information
    Tax included

Yield: from 2.500 plants per hour per row (in case the machine is equipped with rotary carousel the yield is raising up to 3.500 plants per hour per row).

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