HP 80 ÷ 200

120 ÷ 225 cm / 47" ÷ 88"

23 ÷ 60 cm / 9" ÷ 23,6"

FPC Layer and Transplanter

The FERRARI FPC transplanting machine was developed to accomplish simultaneous operations in one pass. This transplanter can lay either polyethylene or biodegradable film to the ground, make holes through the mulch and transplant square block pots. The output is on average 5,000 plants per hour on every row. FPC can be either tractor pulled or self-propelled. Different frames are available according to the size of the film roll and the number of rows installed on the machine. Every row is equipped with a plastic belt which is leading the plants to a synchronized system of fingers that are separating the square blocks and are placing them into the holes. The holes are made by a perforator equipped with needles. 

  • Device for cutting hydraulic film with removal of obstructive material.
  • Pneumatic cylinder for the control of film pressure.
  • Hydraulic lifting of the machine for inspection.
  • Rear platform for cargo pallet.
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Under the machine there are small ploughshares making a furrow where the plants are going to be released. This machine has high performance thanks to the general electronic control, beyond the distance which can be set by a digital gearbox. Tractor pulled version and self-propelled version are available.

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