HP 40 ÷ 120

120 ÷ 225 cm / 47" ÷ 88"

n.d. / n.a.

FP Film Layer

The FERRARI FP film layer extends mulch on the ground in a perfect way. Once the film is set the machine adds ground on the sides by means of ploughshares that are adjustable in height and in width. FERRARI FP keeps the film constantly in tension by using a front roller that turns together with the film. The film is positioned in contact with the metal roller and rotates freely towards the ground. In fact the machine does not need any holding shaft nor any clutch to support the plastic roll. It does an ideal job thank to its simplicity. It works polyethylene, biodegradable film and paper. Single bed and multiple beds versions are available 

  • Spike roller for aerial irrigation
  • Drip tape stretcher
  • Granular applicator
  • Pinchers to make holes in the plastic
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