Block transplanters

In addition to the seedling tray, the transplanting phase can also start from the so-called pressed "block": with this term it is implied that the seedlings are made to germinate in cubic shaped clods housed in a box and placed inside it in vertical rows. Thanks to this particular type of clod it is possible to avoid the problems due to the winding of the roots around the alveolus, orienting them towards the correct direction (ie downwards) and allowing the seedling to achieve perfect root development.

During the clod transplantation phase it is necessary to pay particular attention to the area and to the climatic conditions of the area where the seedling will be transplanted. Furthermore, it is necessary to have the latest generation of automatic, semi-automatic, block transplanters, able to place the seedlings in the right place, preliminarily establishing the distance between one and the other as well as the inter-row spacer.

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche has a long tradition in the field of block transplanters, which are designed to ensure that each individual seedling is planted in the fastest and most precise way. To date, we have 4 main models of machines that transplant most of the clod crops at worldwide level:

  • FASTBLOCK. It is the most innovative block transplanter and is able to transplant cubic-shaped and compressed clods with side between 3.2 cm (1¼ “) and 5 cm (2”): thanks to the modular units and multiple elements it is equipped with, it allows to reduce dead times to a minimum and ensure maximum precision in the placement of the seedling;
  • ROTOSTRAPP. Another signature piece of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche, this machine is the ideal solution for those who want to transplant salads and vegetables from a height of less than 10 cm. The high working speed that allows hourly yields of up to 10,000 plants per row and the optimal placement of the seedling make Rotostrapp one of the most efficient transplanters in the farming market;
  • F. The key word of this transplanter is "precision": it is composed, in fact, of elements equipped with loading spoons that follow the soil vertically, accompanying the seedlings one by one until they are planted. It adapts perfectly also for ridge sowing and can be towed by tractor or self-propelled. The end result is an extremely precise transplant, which always takes place at the right distances and depths.
  • FPC. It is the Ferrari block transplanter that is proposed in combination with a film transplanter. The machine is able to roll out the film, perforate it and carry out the transplant in a single phase. All the seedlings are laid in quincunx so as to guarantee each of them the necessary aeration and an adequate growth space. 

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FAST BLOCK Automated...

FAST BLOCK Automated Transplanter

No downtimes and excellent placement of the plant in the ground are the main features of the “Fastblock” transplanter. The machine is equipped with modular units and it's available both in hauled and self-propelled...

ROTOSTRAPP Transplanter

ROTOSTRAPP Transplanter

The highest yield combined with top transplanting quality: this is the most common comment you will hear from farmers who work with ROTOSTRAPP. This FERRARI transplanter, has been created for square-blocks (cubic...

F Transplanter

F Transplanter

The F - Ferrari precision transplanter - was designed to transplant lettuce and other vegetables in square blocks (from 2.5 to 5 cm wide). This completely mechanical transplanter is extremely simple and easy to use....