Tray Transplanters

In most cases, the transplanting phase of the seedlings takes place starting from a sowing-box, ie a container that creates a protected environment for seed germination. This is why, subsequently, we feel the need to have an accurate and fast equipment to make sure that the transplant in open field or even in greenhouses takes place effectively and quickly, without causing "shock" to the seedling that slow down its growth. The first precaution that we must have in this case is precisely that of choosing the right time for transplanting: depending on the type and characteristics of the seedling, it is necessary to evaluate the external temperature (warm, cold or temperate environment) and the period of the year in which to operate (usually summer or spring / autumn). The blooming growth of the seedling will depend on its adaptation to the type of soil in which it will be inserted during the transplanting phase. The transplanter with seedling-trays will also have to be meticulous and mostly automated, avoiding dead times and lightening the already heavy workload of the operator.

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche designs transplanters with seedling-trays with a high level of innovation, which adapt to the characteristics of the seedling, making the delicate transplanting phase safer and more efficient. Within the catalogue there are 6 different models of transplanters with seedling-trays: 

  • FUTURA. It is the world leader in fully automatic transplanters with seedling-trays. The operator, in this case, only has to feed the seedling-trays in the loading guides;
  • FUTURA TWIN. This is the double row version of the FUTURA automatic transplanter. It allows a reduction in labour costs, and tolerates all the different types of lands in which the seedling is transplanted;
  • FMAX. This transplanter is perfectly adaptable to any type of seedling (thin and even very long) and to any type of soil (loose or heavy);
  • MULTIPLA. It is one of the strong machines of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche: Multipla comes with a rotating distributor that can handle two rows and designed to be fed by a single operator. Multipla guarantees reduction in labour costs without giving up high precision;
  • FX. Thanks to its parallelogram oscillating system, FX is able to guarantee maximum precision in planting the seedling;
  • FX MULTIPLA. This transplanter with seedling-tray has been designed to meet the needs of high density hectare crops: in fact, it allows the transplanting of vegetables with very narrow inter-rows such as salad or onion.

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