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Die Zangen Pflanzmaschine FPP wird FPP Evolution

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche erneut seine Produktpalette von Pflanzmaschinen für Pflanzen in nackt Wurzeln, und führt die neuen Modelle FPP EVOLUTION in verschiedenen Versionen mit elliptischer Kette 10, 15 oder 20 Zangen und dreieckiger Kette 16, 24 oder 32 Zangen ein, je nach dem Abstand in der Reihe. Die wichtigsten Neuheiten von dieser neuen Pflanzmaschine sind:

- Schnelle Einstellung von der Pflanzungstiefe;

- Schnelle Einstellung von der Zangentiefe;

- Parallelogramm mit serienmäßigem vorderem Rad;

- Serienmäßige Schar für tiefe Pflanzung.

Die Pflanz-Mulch- Maschine FPA FLASH ist da

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche hat seit weniger Zeit die Maschine FPA FLASH auf den Markt gebracht, die neue Pflanz-Mulch- Maschine für konischen und zylindrischen Speedy, die beide Funktionen mit einer einzelnen kompakten Maschine ausführt. Das Pflanzungsaggregat ist dasselbe und schon getestete Aggregat von der FPA EVOLUTION, aber mit dem Zusatz vom serienmäßigen Karussell und einem einzelnen wichtigen Unterschied: eine Schar unter der Folie, die eine Furche für die Pflanzen öffnet, somit der Becher nicht tief in der Erde arbeiten muss, und in die Folie ein kleines Loch öffnet, dessen Dimensionen minimal sind, um die Pflanze setzten zu können. Sie ist mit einem Parallelogramm System ausgestattet, das an einem Außenrahmen handelt. Die Pflanzungstiefe von allen Aggregaten ist durch eine einstellbare Walze möglich, die mit einer Drucktaste ausgestattet ist, welche an zwei hydraulische Kolben für die Entlastung an die Walze handelt. Alle diese Erneuerungen sind ein Vorteil hinsichtlich der immer besseren Pflanzung- Präzision und Effizienz. Die gleichzeitige Ausführung von Mulchen und Pflanzung erlaubt auch eine offensichtliche Zeitersparnis.


In this edition, LAMMA Show moves to the NEC, Birmingham, creating UK’s premier agricultural event and obviously Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche cannot miss it, with our team ready to welcome you and answer to all your questions and curiosity.

LAMMA is one of the best and most interesting shows in Europe and is well attended: the large number of exhibitors attracts a mix of visitors across all farming sectors.

The show continues to be the event “to do business” and many of those exhibiting comment on not just on the numbers of people visiting their stands, but the quality of the conversation they were having with them. Resulting in plenty of sales and strong leads across the exhibition hall.

The move of the LAMMA Show to the NEC in 2019 will bring the show to a new level, which is needed for the Agricultural Industry, allowing all exhibitors to launch new products alongside their existing portfolio and to meet existing and new customers within a much improved environment.

Here is the website:

SIMA 2019

From February 24th to 28th 2019 one of the most important events is scheduled and Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche of course will be there: SIMA 2019.  SIMA, Paris International Agribusiness Show, will be held in Paris Nord Villepinte (France) and positions itself as the exhibition for all types of farming – irrespective of the size or type of farm – and over the years has established itself as a major international event.

Taking place every two years, SIMA is one of the biggest international events for the agricultural sector. It is the exhibition of all technologies and solutions for high-performance and sustainable agriculture, with his 1,770 companies from 42 countries all over the world. SIMA meets all your needs: whether you own a small or a large operation; you are a farmer, rancher or producer; whether you are French or you come from abroad.

Our team of experts will be present, ready to welcome all your questions, problems and curiosity to which we at Ferrari Costruzioni can answer, thanks to our many years of experience in the agricultural sector.

Here is the website:

EIMA 2018

This year, from November 7th to 11th, Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche will be present as a protagonist at EIMA International, the International Exposition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening held in Bologna, Italy. Eima International is a biennial event created in 1969 by FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation.

The format of the review provides for fourteen merchandise sectors, for the direct participation of manufacturing industries from around the world presenting avant-garde technologies in the sector at the global level.

The organization rational of the merchandise exhibits provides an enormous stage – reserved for professional business visitors on the first two days of the review – for the general public of enthusiasts able to immediately focus on their sectors of interest for better organizing their visits. EIMA is indeed the venue for the arrival of business people from sixty countries.

EIMA is held in Bologna Trade Fair quarters on an exhibition area of 375,000 m², 140,000 m² net. Each edition hosts some 1,900 companies from forty countries exhibiting more than 50,000 models of machinery and equipment for all types of agricultural operations or green work for every model of enterprise.

Many other details can be found at the website:

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